2 Girls Teach Sex DVDs Review

Giving a woman REAL sex: A woman’s perspective!

It’s said that only an artist truly appreciates art. And someone also said only a sports lover can truly feel the exhilaration of winning. Well, something similar is true about giving a woman the most thrilling sexual experience of her life. Only a girl knows a lot about giving another girl the best sex she’s ever experienced! And that’s exactly what Shawna Lenee’s 2 Girls Teach Sex is all about!

Knowing what works for women

Sure, men make great lovers. But it’s really women who can teach a man to love passionately. A woman knows exactly what works for another woman because women know their bodies inside out. Unlike men, who often rely on second hand knowledge, the producers of 2 Girls Teach Sex are women, who use a cast of beautiful women to explore sexual experiences on camera.

If guys want to learn what really turns on their girlfriends, wives and lovers in bed, then the best person to learn from is a woman. A girl has many more years of “hands on” experience when it comes to knowing:

  • the exact spots to touch when a girls needs to get wet
  • the exact way to touch those spots to make a woman hot
  • the best way to get a girl to experience body-wracking cumms
  • the best finger, hand and oral moves that can push a girl over the top

And all of these topics are covered in explicit detail in the amazing 2 Girls Teach Sex video series.

Teaching men the ropes

While girls know girls best, no one knows girls AND guys better than the creators of this series of videos – professional adult film stars. Shawna Lenee has been nominated “Unsung Starlet Of the Year 2010” for her passionate performances in adult films. She and her co-stars Gracie, Adriana and Monique bring that same passion, and lots of amazing never-before seen tricks and techniques to 2 Girls Teach Sex.
Men seldom like asking other men how to please a woman. And a girl seldom like telling her male lovers what they are doing wrong that’s keeping her from being sexually satisfied. The result: A sexually unfulfilling relationship that headed for a breakup!

Enter Shawna and her team, and 2 Girls Teach Sex! Using a combination of tried and tested Question & Answer format, these beautiful ladies explore some of the most pervasive theories about what makes girls tick – sexually. But that’s not all!

Once the theories are laid bare, the women proceed to show guys how to do what they say guys should do. These explicit practice sessions are as vivid as they are illustrative. Step by step, these girls actually show a guy what to do, by performing those exact steps on each other. No other video series teaches men the ropes about pleasing their women in bed than 2 Girls Teach Sex.


Getting the most from women

Once guys have gone through the 5-part video series, plus several Bonus videos, they will be able to able to not only give a lot to their sexual partners, but also get a lot back. The satisfaction that comes (no pun intended!) from making a woman have a mind boggling cum is not all that’s at play here.

There’s also the peace of mind knowing that once a guy has mastered all the tips and tricks that 2 Girls Teach Sex teaches them, their girlfriends, wives and lovers will never look anywhere else for sex. That’s because they’ve learned the secrets to pleasing their girls from the best trainers around – other girls!